About Us

About Us
  • Exa is a unit in SI System of Units representing a Quintillion. It is a big number; really really big number ... "Billion times a Billion" to be accurate.

  • For us the word Exa is not just part of our name but reflection of being a team of innovative, futuristic minds!

  • It is also a reminder, and continuous driving force behind all what we do, to help us stay focused and committed, towards reaching new heights we, as a team, are capable of achieving!


  • We are a team of extra-ordinary thinkers, and 'thinking outside the box' is what we do when working on any application big or small. Challenging ourselves with unique product ideas and designing or implementing useful futuristic solutions for our customers is what we strive for.

  • Exa-Scale is our vision of technology world, our ideas, determination, and most importantly our commitment to make us a technology leader.

  • Unlike many other IT companies dedicated 100% towards servicing, we continue to be a products-oriented company with only 20% revenue coming from outsourcing/services. We see this as an opportunity and room for growth so we are working towards making improvements in servicing domain to bring it up to 50% of our total revenue.

  • On products side we currently own several products for industries like healthcare, life sciences, talent management, etc. including an end-to-end management solution designed for not-for-profit organizations, and there are several not-for-profit websites that we operate dedicated towards improving positive image of Pakistan.



    PE is responsible for maintaining existing Zone Exa products, and doing market research and development for upcoming products for Zone Exa brand. PE looks for opportunities, does market analysis, and designs/develops applications for Zone Exa using latest technologies/trends. Our existing products for healthcare, life sciences, talent management, etc. industries were all designed and developed by PE team internally.


    PO deals with international clients looking for technical as well as managerial resources. Zone Exa marketing team is always on the look for such opportunities from around the world, with a dedicated technical team ready to take all challenges. Two teams share Zone Exa's existing infrastructure but work independently as two separate teams.


    Zone Exa has started renting out office space to international clients helping them find talent from local markets, and have their workers come to Zone Exa office everyday as if it is their work location. Zone Exa provides infrastructure and resource management services for a small monthly fee with individuals reporting to our client directly.